Attendance of students in years PP – 10 is compulsory. Once Kindergarten children are enrolled their attendance is then considered compulsory as well.

Please telephone the School Office (99347000) on the morning of your child’s/children’s absence from school otherwise an absentee note is required, when your children returns to school after an absence. Please note that if a reason for absence is not provided by 9.30am, an text message is generated and automatically sent home to parents. Please take the time to respond to this message by texting back a reason for absence so that it can be recorded on our system.

Recent research from the ‘Every Day Counts’ report (commissioned by the University of Western Australia’s Telethon Institute For Child Research for the Department of Education) very clearly highlights the close relationship between attendance and academic progress. Barring legitimate illness which the school is sympathetic to, all students should aim to attend school as close to 100% as possible. It is critical that students at Northampton DHS attend well. Absences for reasons such as birthdays, rest days, catching up with family member days, appointments that could be made out of school hours, holidays in term time etc. should be avoided.  As always, in cases of absence, we encourage parents to call as soon as possible to alert the school. All absences require an explanation. 

If you have any issues with the attendance of your child please contact the school for support.  Missing School = Missing Out

Children are discouraged from arriving at school before 8:30am each morning unless they are scheduled to participate in an organised school activity. Before 8:30am teachers are busy preparing for the school day and are not able to closely supervise the students. Students that arrive at school before 8:30am are required to sit on the benches at the front of the school. All children are expected to have left the school grounds by 3:15pm unless special arrangements have been made by parents or teachers.

If your child is late for school, they must be signed in at the front office before going to class.

Are requested for:-
(1) Daily absence from school - Absentee Notes. The Department of Education requires an reasonable explanation for each absence. All absences must be explained by a written note to the class teacher or a telephone call or email ( to the school office.  If absences are not explained, then a text message requesting an explanation will occur.(2)  Exclusion from Sport, Physical Education, Swimming - for medical reasons.