How to measure?

How to measure?
If the guide indicates shirt or garment measurements:
• Find a shirt or skorts that fits your child
• Lay shirt or skorts flat on a flat surface
• Measure from one arm pit to the other. This is the 1/2 chest measurement. Double it to get your full chest measurement.
• Measure from the highest shoulder point to the bottom hem of the shirt. This is your length or shoulder to hem measurement.
• Measure from one side of the waist band to the other. This is your 1/2 waist measurement. The 1/2 stretched waist measurement is how wide the skorts are when the waistband is stretched as far as it will allow.
• Measure from the top of the waistband down to the bottom hem. This is your length measurement for the skorts.

If the guide indicates body measurements:
• Remove bulky clothing and measure around the chest at the widest point.
This is your chest measurement.
• Remove shoes and have your child stand against the wall looking straight forward. Measure from the floor to the top of their head. This is your height measurement.
• Remove bulky clothing and measure around your child’s waist/hip just below the belly button. This is your hip measurement.