Our Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into eight different LEARNING AREAS.

Within most of the learning areas there are sub-areas that are referred to as CONTEXTS, then within each of the contexts we have SUBJECTS.

The Western Australian Curriculum is for students in Pre Primary to Year 10. Students within Kindy participate in many of these learning areas within the Kindy Curriculum, as well as other guides such as the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standard through a variety of age-appropriate methods of instruction, including play-based learning.

Our low numbers of secondary students mean that although a wide range of ‘options’ are not possible, all secondary students have the opportunity to participate in all required learning areas, within small classes where we have the ability to cater to the range of needs and interests of our students. Small groupings also mean that our secondary students are able to participate in a large number of excursions, incursions and camps throughout the year.

THE ARTS  Visual Arts                   PP - Year 10
Music                         PP - Year 10
ENGLISH English                       PP - Year 10
HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION Health Education PP - Year 10
Physical Education PP - Year 10
Outdoor Education Year 7 - Year 10
History           PP - Year 10
Economics & Business Year 5 - Year 10
Civics & Citizenship Year 3 - Year 10
MATHEMATICS  Mathematics               PP - Year 10
SCIENCE           Science          PP - Year 10
TECHNOLOGIES Digital Technology PP - Year 10
Design & Technology PP - Year 10
Manual Arts & Home Economics Year 7 - Year 10
LANGUAGES Indonesian PP - Year 7

Detailed information relating to each of the learning areas and contexts within the Western Australian Curriculum can be found at the School Standards and Curriculum Authority website:


Information about the contexts students are participating in will be made available in parent communications, such as newsletters or parent letters, at the beginning of the year.