Parents and Citizens Association (P&C)

Psssst big secret revealed … Cor blimey!!! Horrocks is the new Byron Bay? ... Rumours Hemsworths to go West in 2020? … New family in Northampton may be Hemsworths! …Marvel at Horrocks Beach!

Okay so that was blatant clickbait. We don’t actually know if the Hemsworth’s are moving to here. There is room on the bus! They COULD be and if they were, they would most definitely enrol their kids at NDHS.
That isn’t the secret. You already know why they would. You made the same choice. So, we may not be welcoming Marvel movie stars to our school, but we are welcoming back in 2020 lots of Superhero Superstars! You, your family, your kids! Yeah corny, just buttering you up…keep reading.

Now that you’re here, we want to thank you for being a part of our school community. You chose wisely when you enrolled your kids here. Did you know your P&C raised over $22,000 last year? It’s true! Believe the headlines folks. We spent even more than that on our school. Yep. We took a DNA test and it turns out we are 100% THAT P&C. You better believe it; we have a vibrant and engaged school community and a very active Parents & Citizens Association.
All of our P&C funds go back in to the school for the direct benefit of our students. For a school our size our P&C is an absolute powerhouse! How does that even happen, you’re asking? Hold that thought…. because you are about to get the inside scoop on EXACTLY how we manage to do so much for our school and contribute to such an active school community.

Okay no more Hemsworth gossip. We cannot confirm or deny the rumours. Let’s get back to the warm fuzzy facts; research tells us that children whose parents/guardians are actively involved in their school community both DO better and FEEL better at school. It can also have added benefits of increasing your support network, familiarising younger children with the sights and sounds of school and help their own transition to school, learning new skills and increasing that feeling of community for your family that is so essential to us all. Phew. What a relief! So much of this parenting gig is hard, but this? This is plain and simple. You can do so much for your kids and your family while not doing much at all. What a life hack!

There are many ways for you to be involved in your school; answer the call for volunteers from the school for things like sports carnivals, breakfast club or reading programs, nominate for the School Council, or help your powerhouse P&C!
An extra set of hands is always welcome at our many fundraising activities throughout the year. It doesn’t need to be a big, time consuming and boring contribution. You do not need to have super powers. Here is the promised scoop on HOW we can do so much for our school community and WHY the engagement in our school community continues to grow…. are you ready for it?


We show up for assemblies, we show up for sports days, we show up for open days, we show up for our P&C and we show up for Chris Hemsworth. We talk to our child’s teachers about how things are going at home and how things might be going at school. We read the newsletters and engage with the Seesaw app. We show up for ourselves and for our community. We show up for our kids and we show up for YOUR kids.

Not just Mums, Dads too. It is for everybody!

That is all. Not that radical is it? We just keep showing up for our school, for our kids and for ourselves. And collectively we create an amazing community and network for ourselves. We are just like you, hot messes, too busy, working (sometimes only getting paid in absolute conditional love from our offspring!). We have gastro, flu, family issues, parental guilt, major and minor life catastrophes. We support each other and then just keep on showing up. We are not super natural human beings but collectively we ARE magical. Here’s the real secret though…you are exactly what your school needs, just as you are! Saddled with doubt, overwhelmed with life and riddled with parental guilt. You are perfect for this gig.

To give you an idea, here are some ways you could engage with your P&C and school community:
 Cook sausages/burgers at a sausage sizzle event
 Prepare food in advance at home for a catering job
 Help find donations for prizes for raffles
 Serve customers at a sausage sizzle/sports day
 Help prepare food at an event
 Offer to make morning tea for the kids on a Monday morning
 Assist preparing uniform orders
 Assist in organising discos or other fun events for our students

If you have something that you are really good at or really enjoy doing (not just from this list but ANYTHING!), please let us know. It is your unique and wonderful skills that this school community has
been looking for! Yes, you!

But the P&C isn’t just about making coin and riding unicorns. It’s also a really important voice in the wider community for public education. We come under the WA Council of State Schools Organisations
(WACSSO). Your P&C is the collective voice of all parents at NDHS. WACSSO represents all P&Cs on a
state level. They are OUR voice in all things public education. We’re talking Department of Education
policy, procedures and governmental gobbledy-gook that may have a direct impact on our school and our

Look at you, wanting to jump right in and join the Committee! Cool your heels for a moment, get in touch with us and come along to our next meeting. Details will be in the newsletter. If you’re not sure yet, come along to our next meeting and check it out or have a chat to one of our members. If you don’t know any, just send us through any questions, fears, concerns, or lifelong dreams you may have. We can be found at or give our President Extraordinaire Gill, a call on 0428 335 056, or Madam Secretary Trish on 0418 922 290. There are also 13 other members happy to talk to you about how you can join our magical troupe and generate that positive impact on your kids’ schooling. You don’t need to do it alone. We’ve got you!

Whatever you do, DO NOT pass up an opportunity to learn more about how this group of parents, just like you, manage to raise so much money for your school. Do not miss out on having your voice in our school community. Do not miss out on enriching the educational experience of your children. Do not miss out on learning more about how much our school community is an asset to us and our families as we are to this school community. The Hemsworths wouldn’t!

Don’t believe the hype. You do NOT need to be a financial member of the P&C to help out. You will not be joining a cult. You will not be signed up for the rest of your life. We’re too busy living our best P&C lives to chase waterfalls and write up lifelong contracts to coerce you to sign. You just need to put your hand up and be yourself. Help out with just one thing! Five minutes, an hour, one casserole, your first born…whatever you can. You call the shots. You get to decide how active you are. In an age of human DISconnection it is vital we teach our kids, that we SHOW our kids what connection looks like. We can do this by showing up! We show everyone our faces, we talk, we make food and we create community (and
raise lots of dollar bucks!!). This P&C community within our school community is just a SUPPORT network to help us to keep showing up. Help us create the magic! 2020 is going to be all sorts of wonderful and we cannot wait to have you on board!

**DISCLAIMER: We accept no responsibility for any disappointment experienced when the Hemsworths don’t turn up.
Also please don’t tell them anything about this. It would be weird. So, so weird. But if you do, please mention our
powerhouse P&C, school and great beaches.