School Evacuation Plan
The school has an evacuation plan in case of fire, earthquake, external threat or other emergencies. A copy of this plan is in all classrooms and accessible to all on the premises.

Standalone Bushfire Plan 

Behaviour Management Plan
Our school has developed a consistent and responsible Behaviour Management Plan which can be obtained from the School Office.

 The school plan takes into account the differences and diversity within the school community and a restorative problem solving approach is used across the school to address inappropriate behaviours. A Code of Conduct is in place to ensure a safe working environment for all students and staff. Breaches of the Code of Conduct result in appropriate sanctions being applied in line with the Department of Education’s Policy. Parents will be contacted if their child deliberately or repeatedly displays unacceptable behaviour at school.

Parents are asked to always inform class teachers if anything happens outside of school that might impact on their child’s behaviour at school.

Northampton District High School has a positive approach to discipline where the students are encouraged to learn self-discipline in our friendly and harmonious atmosphere. The restorative approach allows students to consider the consequences of their negative behaviour to others, the harm that has been done and the actions they will take to make up for it. Praise, rewards and privileges are all used as children develop their sense of socially acceptable behaviour.

Anti Bullying Policy
Northampton District High School is a Bully Free Zone. Bullying of any type is not tolerated. It is important for children to understand that they must tell an adult if they have been bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. All reported instances of bullying are taken very seriously and will be acted on by school staff.

Sun Smart Policy
NO HAT- NO PLAY or Play in the shade.

The school has devised a policy to reduce the impact of skin cancer on children in line with the Department of Education’s policy and through collaboration with the P&C Association, the School Council and staff.  Children will be only permitted out in the sun if they are wearing a hat.  This policy will apply all year to morning recess, lunch-time, sports afternoons, PE periods and excursions.

Medical Policy
It is a policy at our school that on enrolment all parents complete medical information on the Enrolment Form for their child(ren) and that  this information is kept up to date. We need to know of any allergies your child may suffer from so that we can give the best possible First Aid in an emergency and know when to seek medical assistance. The Department of Education has a strict policy on the administering of medication in schools. No staff member is allowed to give a child medication unless the correct forms have been completed by parents and the prescribing doctor.  Parents can obtain these forms from the office.  The School Administration must also be made aware of any student who self-medicates e.g. Ventolin for Asthma.

Mobile Phone Policy
Our school has a mobile phone policy, which in summary is: “Students who bring mobile phones to school are required to take the phone to the front office at the beginning of the day and collect from the same after school.  Any mobile phone used during the day will be confiscated by the teacher with the expectation that the parent or guardian will collect the phone at their earliest convenience from the front office.”

Publication of Student Images or Work
Northampton District High School regularly uses images of students in a variety of ways to recognise excellent achievement, inform parents and the local community of school matters, publicise events and to promote the school. Parents are requested to sign a permission form giving permission for images of their children to be used. This information is kept on file in the office. Parents can withdraw their consent at any time by contacting the school in writing.