School Council


The school council is an essential organisation of any high functioning school and is comprised of the school principal, two staff members, six parents and one community member. The council forms the links between our school, our parents and our community, and together we make decisions with this joint perspective to drive whole school improvement processes. The school council meets at least once per term. The roles of the School Council include:

  • Participation in formulating the objectives, priorities and general policies of the school;
  • Endorsement of the School Plan and School Budget; and
  • Reviewing the school’s performance in achieving the objectives and priorities contained in the School Plan.

Our school council is comprised of the following members:

  • Mrs Mel Hancock, Principal
  • Mrs Vicki McKenzie, Staff Representative
  • Mrs Michelle Markham, Teacher Representative and Secretary
  • Mrs Loretta Graham, School Council Chair and Parent Representative
  • Mrs Kate Box, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Trish Gill, Parent Representative
  • Mrs Sam Hay, Parent Representative
  • Ms Heather Watkins, Parent Representative